-Primary elaboration of the geometric plan in general\fixed boundaries;
-Updating the cadastral plan of the real estate in general\fixed borders
-The final systematization of the territorial organization project
-Stake out of border points
-Preparation of the title of authentication of the landowner's right
-Correction of errors by elaborating the project of organizing the territory
-Correction of errors by repositioning the territorial organization projects

Land Measurements

-As built survey;

-Topographic survey;

-Engineering surveing

-Interior mapping according to standards;

-Situation plans for designing and rehabilitating utility networks(gaz,water,sewage system);

-Situation plans for industrial platforms;


-Creation of interactive maps and digital cartography;
-Preparation of cartographic materials, vectorization;
-Cartographic works;

-3D terrain and building modeling;


Geographic Information Systems for Local Administration, Urbanism, Cadastre, Utility Networks, Tourism, Ecology, Biodiversity, etc.